VersaLogic Now Offers Turnkey Evaluation Systems

Would your project benefit from hands-on testing of a VersaLogic embedded computer? There are only so many specs and performance comparisons that you can read in order to determine if a product will work for you. Especially with today’s various combinations of enhanced processor, I/O, and video functions, hands-on testing is the only way to know if a given computer system will perform well with a specific application.

VersaLogic can make that easier.

Pre-assembled evaluation systems are enclosed, powered, and preloaded with Windows or Linux OS. They are ready to run your application.

Pre-assembled evaluation systems are available for selected VersaLogic products and are available for 45-day loan for qualifying projects.

Applicants are also eligible to participate in VersaLogic’s Field Advisory Board, a group that influences the functions and features of future VersaLogic products.

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